Make Travel Easier

For anyone that travels more than once or twice a year, particularly on international trips, you need to make life easier for yourself and the government has the tools to do so. If you travel out of the country at all, sign up for Global Entry on the Customs and Border Protection website. It costs $100 for 5 years. You have to complete a very thorough on-line application and once approved go for a personal interview.  After the interview you will be able to bypass Immigration and the long lines since you will go to a kiosk and check in there which takes about 45 seconds. No customs form to complete any longer. If you have just carry-on baggage, from the time you get off the plane to the time you are outside customs, you might have spent 10 minutes.

The beauty of this program now is that it also makes you eligible for Fast Track at many airports in the US. In these lines you don’t have to take off shoes, take out your computer, etc and the lines are much shorter.  It is a win-win situation because life will be easier when traveling.

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